Loft Conversion is one of the most popular techniques to improve the value of your home. It can add more functional space and give you an extra room that suits your lifestyle perfectly. You must have the support and expertise of experienced loft conversion specialists in Beckenham to receive a flawless result.

Several factors are related to a single loft conversion task. Each of them must be planned and executed correctly. However, mistakes are common in this entire process. Some of these mistakes are very basic, and some are costly ones. This blog will discuss the basic mistakes of loft conversion that often homeowners make but must be avoided.

Mistakes in Loft Conversion Projects

• Not Checking the Suitability of Your Home

Your neighbour has a beautiful loft that attracts you the most. You are very keen to build a loft at your house too. But is your home suitable enough to get that conversion? Though this is a kind of transformation that almost every house can have, some homes are not meant for this. Instead of getting involved in a costly planning mistake, you must inspect your home and talk to your loft conversion contractor to understand if this building is suitable for this change.

• Not Checking If You Have Enough Head Height

It will be a massive mistake if you fail to check the available headroom of the loft once the conversion is done. This should be a minimum 2.2mm. Nonetheless, it would be more comfortable and safer if you got 2.4mm headroom in your loft.

• Not Considering the Planning Permission

Though most of the loft conversion projects in Beckenham do not need any additional planning permission, some of them require it. When you choose a rear dormer or simple rooflight conversion, you can finish it without permission. If it is a hip-to-gable design where the facade will be altered, you must have permission before starting the job. Talk to your builder-developer to know if your project needs planning permission.

• Failing to Get the Correct Measurement

From the windows to the floor – every element in your newly built loft must be installed with the correct measurement. It is easy to get carried away with smart interior design ideas for this new room of your property. But, you should not ignore the final look and the functionality of the room.

At Lordans Loft, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver them a flawless loft conversion service in Beckenham.

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