Out of the different decisions, the decision to design the house’s stairs effectively is the one you must consider if you opt for a loft conversion. You can turn an ordinary loft into a functional room with a well-planned stair. Stairs act as a bridge between the loft and the rest of the part of the house. Sometimes the lofts are generally tucked away at the quiet corners of the house. Hence, the conversion will not yield fruitful results if you don’t get a feasible method of reaching out to the loft.

So when hiring professionals for loft conversion services, make sure that they also take care of the installation of the stairs. Here’re a few considerations for stairs construction for the loft conversion.

Three things to consider during the installation of loft staircases

Get stairs inside-out

These stairs look simple from the outside and help create a lot of space within the loft. They are built from the outer ends of the building. Sometimes they are strategically positioned behind the chimney. For instance, if you’ve opted for a dormer loft conversion, then this is the best method for you. This type of stairs leaves a lot of room inside the loft, and you can easily use the same for a bedroom or guest room.

Get stairs above stairs

If you have an existing fleet of stairs in your house, you can easily position the loft access stairs over the same. This is an effective place for the construction of the stairs and is architecturally a feasible decision. Moreover, you can connect the new stairs with the existing set and commute easily to and fro your newly converted loft.

Positions new staircases independently

Many homeowners might need more space. For them, considering the option of constructing a new set of stairs is distressing. For them, this is a smart alternative. Get a customised, built, independent staircase to fold and keep in your backyard. Use it whenever you access the loft. Other times you can store it away and also use it for other works.

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