Converting lofts brings in more space to your house. However, only some lofts can be converted into functional spaces. Many stumbling blocks prevent proper and functional conversion. So before you consider converting your loft, make sure that you check the feasibility of the same. Contact professionals for a loft conversion in Banstead. They will help you out in the situation.

Few Hurdles That Can Prevent Effective Loft Conversions:

Legal restrictions

Legal restrictions will pose a threat if you plan to convert the loft. You might require planning permission for roof extension or loft conversion. Even if you have a listed building, you’ll face this constraint.

Lack of headroom space

Another hurdle you might need help with during loft conversion is the availability of low-headroom space. Lack of headroom space can pose problems for further loft conversions. If there is not enough headroom available, then it can pose a threat to your conversion process.

Header tank in loft

Sometimes, water header tanks are placed on the roof of the house. These tanks were built as a permanent force of water resources in a position on the roof that makes the loft conversion process problematic. It can create a problematic situation for the builders as they cannot create lofts in that area.

Problems with bathroom addition

If you’re planning to attach a bathroom to the loft, then make sure that you check the feasibility of the plumbing lines as well, as this might create a problem in the long run.

Lack of access space

Most of the time, there’s a lack of staircase access space in the living room to access the loft. In that case, a loft conversion is not a fruitful decision. Space-saving loft stairs generally add financial value to the house. They can also add to the decor and interiors of the house.

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