The demand for professional loft conversion services is quite high as a new loft room can drastically increase the appeal and value of a property. Don’t try a DIY to save some money, as planning a loft conversion is more complicated than you think. Start looking for a reputable company for loft conversions if you want it to be done with minimal disruption.

Most loft conversion experts have years of experience in the industry and can prevent your project from becoming a terrifying task. They consider a few factors when planning a loft conversion project as it eases the process and makes it less time-consuming.

4 Points To Consider When Planning Your Loft Conversion Project In Croydon

• Steepness Of The Stairs

If you are not sure about the steepness of the stairs, get in touch with experienced professionals offering loft conversion in Croydon. Most of them have years of industry presence and can determine the steepness of the stairs after considering the type of loft you want to install. They always try to keep the steepness below 220mm and the pitch of the stairs below 420.

• Know The Type Of Roof

The type of roof you have in your house will also influence the type of loft conversion project you can undertake. Your loft conversion expert might advice you to choose a simple skylight conversion if the loft space is high enough. Its primary benefit is that you can freely walk around.

• Planning Permission

You have to check whether your property has permitted development rights. If not, you have to submit a full planning application before you can start building your home extension. The easiest way to know whether you have to apply for permitted development rights or not is by checking with the local planning authority.

• Building Regulations Approval

Building regulations approval is an integral part of every loft conversion project. Your local council can ask you to re-build significant aspects of the project if you don’t take the necessary building regulations approval. The easiest way to obtain the necessary approval is by submitting a building notice to the council before you start working on your project.

Since you are now aware of all the points you should consider when planning your loft conversion project, it’s time you get in touch with the experts at Lordans Loft. They ensure that their work is customised and suited to fit the local space.