A loft conversion could be the solution if you want to add more living space to your house or if you need to. Because a well-designed attic room is a smart alternative to an extension that could even increase the value of your property, it will not only create additional habitable space to help free up a busy household whether you want to add an extra lounge, bathroom, guest bedroom, or even an open plan kitchen to your home.

The Innovative Ideas –

1. Convert a small loft into a guest bedroom

Work out whether your small loft is even big enough to convert before looking at small loft conversion ideas for a small child’s bedroom, a home office, or even a kids’ TV room or teen hangout. We adore the straightforward style of this tiny loft room, and the light colour choice brightens it and makes it appear larger than it is.

2. Select loft conversion design concepts that take its proportions into account

Take advantage of the naturally cosy feeling that compact spaces offer if your loft conversion is on the smaller side or if you decide to go with a few little rooms rather than one huge one.

3. Plan the layout of the furniture at the design stage

Before you even begin construction, you need to think about the plan for your finished loft conversion. Choosing the placement of furniture, the bathroom, and any built-in storage involves this.

4. Let your bed be the star of the show

You can choose a more dramatic plan if your loft bedroom is bigger. Keep your bed in the centre of the room for greater visual impact; alternatively, consider dividing and zoning the area. Instead of jamming everything against the walls, think about building an ensuite or wardrobe using a stud wall, like the one pictured above.

5. Extend your loft conversion daylight

Consideration should be given to the size and placement of your windows when designing a loft conversion. Generally speaking, if you want to maximise natural light, your roof area should be 20% glass.

A long, shallow room will benefit from windows distributed uniformly along its length, whereas a narrow, deeper room will benefit from one huge window. The curve of the roof will frequently determine the position of the windows.

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