If you want to find more space inside your house to accommodate a growing family, or you wish to have some additional room to unwind in with your friends, a loft conversion would be the ideal solution. Loft conversions, when managed well, are inexpensive, accessible design wise, and resourceful in terms of what they can accomplish for you. These are model home expansions that meet your need for a new space without encroaching on your garden or yard.

When you’re executing a loft conversion project, there are various factors that you need to be mindful of. To assist you in the course of the project, you can call upon the services of professionals who contribute with their expertise to different stages of your project. The following blog helps you identify the five most essential professionals you may need to work with to complete your loft conversion project.


The first thing you need to do before you commence work on your loft conversion is to hire a building surveyor or an architect to plan and devise drawings of the alterations you are setting out to achieve. Since these designs must be approved by Planning permission authorities and Building regulations, they must be of a certain quality and be in line with design conventions that are known and practiced by architects. While you could theoretically handle this stage of the work by yourself, if you are not completely certain about your plan or your ability to communicate with a professional construction company, which is the next step, it’s a helpful move to hire an architect.


The second step is to find and consult a construction firm that has experience in working on loft conversion projects, some preferably similar to yours. Checking their portfolio of successfully completed projects would help you acquire an idea of the quality of their work, and whether they are qualified to handle the complexities of your project.


To enable construction workers to access your loft, you would need to provide them the advantage of secure scaffolding. Engaging the services of scaffolding experts would enable timely project completion since it would take care of all concerns related to the comfort and safety of working at heights.


Based on your purpose and intended use of your loft, you will need to hire electricians and a plumber. While electricians will set up plug sockets and illumination at your new space, a plumber will help in the installation of bathrooms and in linking these to the other facilities on your property.


Unless you are planning to do it yourself, you must hire painters and decorators to work on the final stretch of your loft conversion project. Laying carpets and rugs, and painting the walls and the ceiling, these professionals help merge your new space to the rest of your property.

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