Do you wish to create extra rooms in your attic space? Getting your loft converted can be the ideal way to add space to your house without having a traditional extension. Opting for a bespoke loft conversion in Croydon can be the key to transforming your attic into a useful space.

But, are you perplexed about the ways to take advantage of your new space? No worries. Simply take a look below at some great loft conversion ideas for inspiration.

Whether you need additional space for the growing needs of your family or just want to increase your home’s value, an attic conversion can be your go-to option. Getting your attic converted is even a great way to add some wow-factor to the design of your home. Loft conversion ideas work to alleviate space pressure on the rest of your house and boost circulation around your home. But, how do you get a loft conversion worth the investment?

Check out some great loft conversion ideas for your inspiration.

Loft Conversion Innovative Ideas For Every Home

  1. Create The Ultimate Bathroom Suite

A good way to make the most of your new space is creating a bathroom suite in your attic. Embrace the sloping ceilings of the loft by creating the bathroom suite of your dreams. Position the shower at the highest point and nestle your bathtub in a position where the standing height isn’t an issue. Not only will adding roof-lights above the tub bring in light whilst maintaining privacy, but also give you a spectacular view of the night sky when soaking in the tub.

  1. Position Windows Strategically

Ensure your windows face the best available angle to your house since it’s useless to spend thousands on an attic conversion and ending up with the view of your neighbour’s chimney. This is relevant especially for dormer loft extensions where a wide view is accessible from windows. Dormer windows create an additional room by extending out of the roof.

  1. Add Outside Space

Another way to enhance the wow factor of your house when undergoing loft conversion in Croydon is by creating some outdoor space. Whether you wish to bring the outside in or want to embrace upside down living, adding a loft terrace is your ideal option. Ensure you select similar flooring for both interiors and exteriors of your home to maximise the feeling of outside. Furthermore, you can choose similar soft furnishings both indoor and outdoor to make your home inviting.

  1. Get A Reading Nook

Is there anything more relaxing and beautiful than spending the day sitting by the window with your favourite novel and a warm cup of tea? No, That’s why having a reading nook will be a great little design feature which will not only be a valuable addition, but also an innovative way to maximise the space available to you.

With this handy list of loft conversion ideas, what are you still thinking of? Quickly find a renowned loft specialist and undergo a bespoke loft conversion. Time to enhance the value of your home!