A loft conversion is a cost-effective idea, and it provides much-needed space at your home. Studies prove that loft conversions improve 20% of the home market value. You can enjoy some usable space, use it as storage space or convert it into a bedroom. It is a worthwhile investment, and you can avail of this service from the specialists for a loft conversion in Croydon. Loft conversions do not require new foundations, roofs, or walls. However, other different factors play a major part in this game. As the client, you should consider certain details right from the beginning.

3 Key Factors to Understand What Loft Conversion Involves

1. Structural Integrity A loft conversion is not only about adding space to your home. Building an extension adds extra weight. This is why it is necessary to ensure if the structure of the home can bear it. You can do it by checking the depth and strength of the foundations, check the pillars, beams, lintels, etc. The building control surveyor can check all details, suggest the building needs underpinning, etc. You might have to spend some extra money for the loft conversion in Beckenham. 2. Head Height The suitability of your loft conversion will depend on the head height of your potential room. As per the building regulations, loft conversion spaces need a minimum ceiling height requirement of 2.2 meters. The 2.2m head height regulation is to allow insulation and the construction of the internal ceiling. It gives the overall room a practical ceiling height of 1.9m. With this, you can enjoy a habitual space. With the help of the professionals for Loft Conversion in Croydon, you can take the measurements. Consider other usable spaces, too, like areas for staircase, plumbing, etc. 3. Fire Safety There are several safety implications to consider for loft conversions. Opt to make the windows larger that will serve as an emergency exit route. However, you cannot say the same if the building is a two-storey space. Your new floor will need new plasters on the ceilings below. This is for extra fire protection. You can separate the converted loft by a fire door at the new stairs. In addition, you will need a new room with other big windows. Linking the electrical connection to the smoke alarms is a wise decision. You should always ask for expert advice regarding fire safety implementation at the lofts. Consult Lordan’s Lofts for excellent outcomes for loft conversion in Beckenham as per the building permission. Avail of their services at competitive prices.